Product Feature



Sheer material and Polished window (to show contents clearly, help to identify the contents easily)

Stackable ( to save space when empty )

Slipping groove ( to prevent from slipping when stacked on top of each other)

Corrugated base ( moisture condensation from direct contact with fruits & vegetabls to reduce spoilages)

Textured surface ( to resist scratches, finger marks, non slipperty)

Polished surfaceinside ( easy to clean and maintain)

Ergonomic Thumb Grip ( easy open & close )

Measuring Scale Mark Printing, Air Tight ( when Lid is Tightly Closed)

Logo Color Printing / Logo Ithcing / Logo Emboss / Logo Pad Print








Product Category


Drinking bottle / Beverage Tumbler






Lunch box / Food Keeper






Food Container / Canister






Multipurpose Container & Other





Process after confirmed the order:-

  1. 3D Drawing and Mock Up Sample Done. To obtain approval from Client
  2. Mould Development and Modification - Mould base
  3. Mould Development and Modification - CNC
  4. Fitting and Assembly  
  5. First sample test and done. Submit to client for approval. The sample without surface finishing, logo itching and final colour.
  6. Surface Management & Polishing
  7. After approval from client on the first sample, final progress of molding to done the surface finishing, logo itching and final colour.
  8. Final sample done. Mass production start.



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